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4 Common Misconceptions about the Escort Industry

Many people avoid escorts based on the misconceptions about them and their services. So many people have the wrong idea and don’t truly understand that many of the things they hear about escorting in London are simply incorrect. In today’s article we’re going to be covering some of these misconceptions and uncovering the truth behind them, so that you can have a full understanding of exactly what you’re paying for when you choose one of the high class mature escorts in London from our gallery. Keeping these misconceptions in mind is an important factor in your enjoyment of your escort booking, so if you have any doubts about whether booking an escort is for you or you simply need a few things clarifying, read on and learn about what is and is not true about escorting in London.

“Escort” is Just another Word for “Prostitute”

One of the biggest misconceptions of the escort industry is that escorts and prostitutes are the same thing. This is simply not the case and this misconception is actually one of the most damaging to the industry as this is where a large number of the other misconceptions begin. We’ll get to the other points later however.

The idea that escorts and prostitutes are the same thing is an understandable conclusion giving the grey area related to both terms. The difference however is made evident by the term “escort”, which is exactly what an escort’s job entails. Payments made to a prostitute are simply for sex and sex alone, whereas this isn’t even something which is guaranteed with an escort.

Escorts are offering their companionship services and while many escorts do choose to have sex with their clients, this is not the service you’re paying for and the escort is under no obligation to sleep with you if she doesn’t want to. Their job is to escort you, whether this is to a social event or just a restaurant to enjoy a meal together.

Escorts all have STDs

This is actually becoming gradually less and less common in the modern day, however there are plenty of people who still believe this is the case. This is one of the examples of an idea which has come from the first point in that prostitutes are infamous for being unhygienic and carrying all kinds of disease (although this often isn’t the case either). This is more of a case where people believe that because prostitutes are by definition promiscuous and have intercourse with a large number of men, they must have caught something somewhere.

Please do not assume this is the case and we can promise you without a shadow of doubt that this will never be the case with any lady or gentleman you meet from our agency. It’s important to keep in mind that for both escorts and prostitutes alike, the diagnosis of an STD can put them out of work for months or even permanently and as such these companions will do everything in their power to ensure they don’t contract anything that could ruin their income.

It’s Negative for Someone to See an Escort

Again, this is an opinion which is getting less common as time goes on. However many people will still look down on men and women alike for booking these companions. This is because of the fact that people don’t truly understand the reason why you would pay money to meet someone rather than just going out and meeting someone new in a more conventional fashion.

This isn’t always a viable option though as many people have a hard time dating and finding a partner who is perfect for them by conventional means. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea but this doesn’t actually mean that you’re likely to meet someone who you instantly connect with everywhere you go and some people just don’t want to go through the effort of trying when there are plenty of companions who are suited to providing exactly what they’re looking for with no strings attached.

Some people are also looking for experience and book our mature companions for this very reason. These are ladies and gentlemen who have spent years pursuing this career path and have encountered any number of social situations along the way which makes them suitable for any plans you might have.

Escorts are Being Forced to Escort for the Money

This misconception is somewhat on the other side of the spectrum and is also completely incorrect, many of the escorts working in London work other jobs alongside their companionship services and simply choose to escort for the adventure and meeting new people. This is particularly the case with high class escorts such as the girls available at our agency. This is a great way for companions to be self-employed and earn money from simply spending time with people and many of them truly love working within the industry.

While situations in which people are forced into escorting do sadly exist, they are rare and usually fairly easy to spot. The vast majority of escorts in London are under no exploitation and are simply working for their own interests.

This concludes our list of 4 common misconceptions about the escort industry, but please let us know if you’ve enjoyed this article and we will post another featuring some other misconceptions as there’s certainly no shortage of points to choose from. If you have any other topics you’d like us to cover you can contact us regarding this as well and we’ll try to write something that gives you the information you’re looking for as soon as possible.

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